Roles We Carry

by Priscilla Lack

All of us carry a role in life, and sometimes we carry several at the same time. As our lives unfold our roles may shift or come to an end, making the way for something new to come forth.

How We See Ourselves

Interestingly, our self-image can influence our roles more than we realize. A positive self-image partners with God in new ventures, even if at times we feel unsure. On the other hand, a negative self-image might keep us from pursing a role God is asking us to take up. We decline the blessed opportunities that come to us because we can’t see ourselves in that way.

The process of healing our heart brings an upgrade in our self-image. We learn to see ourselves as God sees us. For example, if we’ve seen ourselves as unworthy, we can grow in understanding of how God loves and values us. This understanding often opens the way for blessed opportunities and new roles.


As we travel through life, some of our roles will transition into a closure. Navigating transitional passageways can be difficult. If we’ve lost a role we’ve carried for a number of years, we may feel like we’ve lost our identity, purpose, or dreams. Whether the change is gradual or sudden, a void may arise within our heart. What we do with the emptiness will equip us for the new season God has for us – or sabotage it.

Some role changeovers are positive. We may have a promotion at work or become a parent for the first time. Yet, even good shifts can be challenging. The familiarity of our usual routine is no longer the same and it can feel like we’re stepping into the unknown.

Some of the more difficult role transitions we might experience are the loss of a spouse, the loss of a child, a relocation; a divorce, the loss of a job, retiring from a position, becoming an empty nester, incurring a sudden disability, or a sudden change in financial status.

Past and Present

It’s important to respect and appreciate where we’ve been, what we’ve walked through, and what the Lord has worked within us. Becoming settled in the unique identity Elohim has given us, opens the way for new meaningful roles, opportunities, and places — no matter what age we are. Remember how Moses became a deliverer at 80 years old.

God has a purpose and a plan for each one of us, and His plans will bring life to our hearts and those around us. We often learn the most during our transitional seasons, and can find the blessing in each season and role we carry in our lives.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

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