Unlocking the Wounded Heart – a workbook for self-discovery and healing


Do you struggle with unresolved pain from your past? Have you longed for God’s help in the midst of personal turmoil? Are you searching for stronger connections between your heart and others’ hearts … and with God’s heart?

This workbook provides a spiritual yet practical path to your personal healing. It is a thoughtful, nurturing guide to help you: 1) take steps on the path to wholeness 2) expand understanding of ancient Hebrew truths that form the bedrock of Christian beliefs, and bring freedom  3) become more intimately involved with the Lord as you work toward a healthy, stable life. 4) find the rewards of reconnecting with your heart and how to get there.

Unlocking the Wounded Heart is designed for use by individuals, professionals, lay counselors and workshop leaders alike. It has a comprehensive, organized format that includes an array of realistic tools geared toward genuine healing. Its 200+ pages include projects, reflective questions, illustrations, and space for jotting personal notes and discoveries.

“When we commit to recovery, each of us will have different goals for our hearts and lives. As we become more familiar with the journey, we’ll find it isn’t about escaping our heart pain. A big part of the journey is learning to open our hearts to process our heart pain while allowing God to change us.”  Priscilla Lack; Unlocking the Wounded Heart



  1. John Mayer

    I fully endorse this workbook.it has personally brought me more healing, freedom, and victory. This book has helped me mentor and counsel more efficiently as I prayerfully work through the book one on one with others. I can see the Holy Spirit working in sessions I have with those I mentor. I pray that this book be an inspiration and source of healing to you. John Mayer, retired high school teacher and coach.

  2. Clem D

    Unlocking the Wounded Heart is a very timely tool the Lord is releasing to the Body of Christ. I recommend this workbook for individuals, married couples having problems, and workshop groups. I believe it’s about going “deeper”, not building bigger. If this is your desire, or if you feel stuck and not sure where to go from here, this workbook will definitely help you.

    I wish I’d had this back in my struggle with alcoholism. What a great tool for healing. It would have given me understanding and direction. Clem D.

  3. Heather Roberts

    Unlocking the Wounded Heart, does just that. It facilitates the reader to move from deep wounds to freedom. You feel Priscilla’s support and love as she gently guides you into Christ’s truth for your life~~Freedom and joy.

    Thanks, Priscilla

  4. Pastor Kurt Verhoeven

    The Workbook entitled “Unlocking the Wounded Heart” by Priscilla Lack truly is a workbook for self-discovery and healing. I reconnected with my “Child Heart”. I did not realize how disconnected I was to parts of my heart. I learned that God wants me to be honest with what is going on in my heart. God knows the wounded places within my heart. God wants to restore my heart so I can become more intimate with Him. This Workbook taught me how to be more open and honest with Him. There’s no intimacy with God or others without transparency. When we connect to our own hearts and value who God created us to be, we will connect better to God’s heart. After 25 years of Pastoral Ministry I still find myself in need of developing my skill in connecting to my heart. If you are “Willing to be Willing” you will also greatly benefit by this workbook that teaches you how to unlock the wounded heart and allow God to heal and restore your heart!
    Respectfully submitted by Pastor Kurt Verhoeven of Living Waters Assembly of God Church

  5. Kelly Matthew Barnes

    As the title clearly suggests, this book, unlike many others, addresses the “heart” of the issues or struggles all of us face in life (pun intended). As Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his HEART, so is he,” meaning that the core beliefs we developed while growing up (shaped by life’s experiences), will manifest themselves outwardly in our everyday lives – from the way we relate with people, how we see and treat ourselves, how we see God and relate with Him as our heavenly Father, and how we respond to life’s challenges. It’s so easy for us to accept as “normal” certain patterns of thought and behavior that rob us of the liberty, peace, and joy the Lord has made available to us through His finished work on our behalf. Because true and lasting freedom, peace, and joy are God’s perfect will for us IN THIS LIFE, it is fully attainable by His Spirit and grace – all we have to do is believe it for ourselves and be willing to open our hearts to Him, so that He can expose, uproot, and heal every hurt, failure, betrayal, disappointment, loss, etc.! And when we begin to step into healing and wholeness, Priscilla takes it deeper – showing us how our own healing empowers us to not allow other’s sins AGAINST us to produce sin IN us, and not allowing where OTHERS aren’t to determine where WE are. This is so freeing and powerful!

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