Journey Road

All of us have our journeys that encompass our inward and outward development. Even if we have walked with God for a number of years, life issues happen. For many of us, our unwitting reactions to these struggles end up numbing our hearts to avoid any more pain. Yet, as we grow in Christ, we often come to realize the importance of our heart condition and how God desires healing for our heart.

Recovery from deep hurts, loss, and trauma is a difficult but significant part of our inner growth. Journey Road is a place that encourages the process of restoration, by providing supportive resources that share practical and spiritual keys for personal healing. All of which bring reminders of how God is with you every step of the way.

Founder and Author Priscilla Lack

Motivated early to search for meaning in her life,  Priscilla pursued several different pathways to find wholeness.  Over time, God met her on this quest. He brought wise mentors who shared the riches of God’s healing processes, transforming her life.

Priscilla's background encompasses art, business, and ministry.  Her first business was in the art and design field. After she met and married her husband John, they established a general contracting/construction firm. At the same time, they had an increasing interest in God’s healing processes. They also began exploring the Hebrew foundations of their Christian faith. Ultimately, the pair became ordained pastors and planted a church, while continuing to run their construction business.

The church's teaching on Hebrew Roots and its focus on healing the heart drew people from near and far. During this season, Priscilla facilitated inner healing workshops. These workshops bore much fruit, enabling many people to a more positive view of themselves through God's love.

Today, Priscilla continues to share the significance of faith in the healing process. She creates supportive resources for those who want to embark on their own journey of personal healing—or who are committed to helping others do so—find purpose, and foster a closer relationship with the heart of God. More recently, her books are being utilized in human trafficking rescue centers.