First Steps of Recovery

By Priscilla Lack

When we begin a healing journey, our first steps are unique to us. Over time, we may meet other fellow journeyers who’ve had similar experiences. Even if we’ve recovered from different issues, we still share our stories―identifying what it was like when we first chose to pursue our own inner healing. We reminisce how the early days of this journey were often quite challenging.

For many of us, recovery concepts felt uncomfortable at first. Leaving behind old patterns wasn’t an easy task. At times, denying the truth about our unhealthy cycles seemed much more appealing. It took great courage to resist old ways while choosing new ways of doing life.

Although our willingness to move forward was a significant key for our healing, a lot of us realized our need for God’s help. He became our strength in the journey, and things began to change.

The Journey

Committing to a healing journey often solidifies our hope. We find refreshing insights and discover that life can be more than survival. When the Lord opens our eyes to what we couldn’t see before, we experience our greatest breakthroughs.

Most of us find our pursuit of wholeness goes much better when we have supportive people in our lives. This might include joining a 12-step group that fits our struggle. Alternatively, some of us may pursue counsel from a personal mentor or therapist. Perhaps we find a church fellowship that’s supportive of our healing journey. Maybe we do all of these at once, and access other support too.

We all have our journeys, and none of us escape painful struggle in life. Yet, as we walk with God, He can help us find a sense of meaning to what we’ve gone through. Over time, as we sort out what has happened to us, our pain can come to a place of resolution. The beauty of recovery lies in the truth that we will begin to see new life and daybreak as the healing process unfolds.

When it comes to choosing recovery from hurts and struggles, we all begin somewhere. We may not always like how and why we’ve had to start this journey. But the longer we travel and heal, the more we appreciate what we’ve found. We’re grateful we took those first steps.

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