Travels of Healing – finding stability in a world gone crazy


Many of us go through adverse realities that greatly impact our lives. Whether we’re hurt as vulnerable children or find ourselves leveled in adulthood, life issues can damage our heart emotionally and spiritually. Perhaps we learned to deal with these adverse realities by suffering silently. Or maybe we tried to cope by becoming calloused in our heart, acting like it doesn’t matter when it really does. Some of us may have even tried to bury past trauma deep within.

Travels of Healing unpacks the deeper struggles many of us encounter, as well as some of the unfortunate current events impacting us today. With compassion and hope, Priscilla Lack explores the depth of these profound issues, providing spiritual and practical strategies for the healing process that ultimately foster stability and a rich inner life.

“When the world is spinning in chaos, God has a way of touching our hearts in the uncanniest places. He reminds us, “I’m with you.” In the midst of seeming chaos, He affirms and solidifies the truth that we are His children, and His goodness and provision remain.” Priscilla Lack; Travels of Healing.

Published 2022; 285 pages.






  1. Donna

    Our world has entered a time of uncertainty, information overload, distraction and hostility. These are issues that disconnect us from our true path in life. Throughout this book, Priscilla will take you on a unique exploratory journey to know wisdom for healing and spiritual wholeness.

  2. Tamara Remington

    Priscilla’s writing is a gift that she lovingly shares with all who pick up her books. I have personally witnessed the strength her words give readers and how her message helps them heal. Her own journey and faith speak to all hearts.

    – Tamara Remington; Retired Detective, Expert and Educator on Human Trafficking Issues

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