Searching for Stability

We live in a time when everything is quickly changing around us. Anxieties are high, heart issues are surfacing, and questions are naturally arising. What do I need to know and do? How will I stay emotionally steady? Will my faith be able to withstand this shakiness? Our questions usually influence how we search. Depending on the questions we ask, a pursuit for wisdom may converge with our search for stability.

Pursuing wisdom can become its own endeavor. If we decide to plow through the plethora of online information, we often discover that true wisdom is scarce. Finding the balance in our search can also prove challenging because too much information becomes toxic, while too little leaves us unaware.

It isn’t always easy to find wisdom about healthy stability, but it’s worth it to persevere. God’s wisdom will guide us to inner peace, and it comes to us in various ways. For example, His wisdom is shared throughout the pages of His Word, the Bible. He also imparts His wisdom through wise people and their counsel.  

All of us will go through seasons of uncertainty and difficult life events. The last two years have heightened all of these matters.

Adversities come to each of us in different ways. They uniquely impact our lives. Interestingly, it’s often during our most intense inner struggles, in our fiercest efforts to secure stability, that God meets us. In those moments and times, He shows us things we couldn’t understand before. As we embrace what the Lord reveals to us, our heart can remain steady in the midst of a storm. One day at a time, we move forward with His wisdom.

A New Book: Travels of Healing—finding stability in a world gone crazy

Travels of Healing explores the realities of life’s adversities, the inner wounds we incur, and the difficult questions we dare to ask concerning these issues. Within this text, numerous spiritual and practical tools are unpacked for healing and strengthening the heart. As our heart is restored, a deepening faith in Christ can be realized―despite what has happened to us or what is currently happening around us.

The expression of our life is far-reaching, and the Lord has certain matters He wants to accomplish in this hour. Each of us has a key part in His redemptive plan. Travels of Healing  can bring empowerment and hope to those who are searching for life-giving truths, validation to those who are facing the deeper struggles of life, and encouragement to all who are weighed down by the complexities of our times. 

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